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Nestia is a set of helper libraries for NestJS, supporting below features:

  • @nestia/core:
    • Super-fast/easy decorators
    • Advanced WebSocket routes
  • @nestia/sdk:
    • Swagger generator evolved than ever
    • SDK library generator for clients
    • Mockup Simulator for client applications
    • Automatic E2E test functions generator
  • @nestia/migrate: OpenAPI generator from Swagger to NestJS/SDK
  • @nestia/editor: Swagger-UI with Online TypeScript Editor
  • nestia: Just CLI (command line interface) tool


  • Only one line required, with pure TypeScript type
  • Enhance performance 30x up
    • Runtime validator is 20,000x faster than class-validator
    • JSON serialization is 200x faster than class-transformer
  • Software Development Kit
    • Collection of typed fetch functions with DTO structures like tRPC
    • Mockup simulator means embedded backend simulator in the SDK
      • similar with msw, but fully automated


Left is NestJS server code, and right is client (frontend) code utilizing SDK

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